Congratulations to all the following participants! We look forward to seeing you at Ubicomp 2014!

Chia-Fang (Christina) Chung, University of Washington

Christa Simon, Washington State University

Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, MIT Media Lab

Crystal Compton, University of Minnesota

Delaram Yazdansepas, University of Georgia

Drew Williams, Marquette University

Elena Oat, Aalto University

Erin Griffiths, University of Virginia

Gina Sprint, Washington State University

Jasmine Jones, University of Michigan

Jessamyn Dahmen, Washington State University

Jessica Speir, Carleton University

Joslenne Pena, Penn State University

Julia Duvall, University of Minnesota

Kathryn Ringland, University of California Irvine

Kristina Knaving, University of Gothenburg

Laleh Jalali, University of California Irvine

Laura Pina, University of California San Diego

Marvin Andujar, University of Florida

Mary Ellen Berglund, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Michele A. Williams, UMBC

Nguyen Tran Lan Anh, University of Colorado Denver

Raghda Alqurashi, University of Colorado Denver

Raymond Collier, Albany State University

Robin Brewer, Northwestern University

Shannon Fenton, Carleton University

Tamara Peyton, Pennsylvania State

Yao Wang, Virginia Tech

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